Trying To Get A Hold Of Wigs

Do you need it because you have a need for it? or because you want to cosplay for something? We hope it is the latter because those are much more fun to think about. To be wearing colorful long wigs that would make you look like an anime character. At the risk of being called anime trash, that is. But do not listen to them? Just go get your wigs in Delaware.

We have had our fair share of wearing wigs and cosplaying. Granted we only wore like, three colors? A short black one, a short white one and a short blonde one. Wearing longer ones are kind of heavy so we tried to avoid that during our early otaku years when we were still into all those cosplay events that would make you sweat under your costume.

And the itchiness of the wig too. Not to mention that if your long hair yourself, then it is going to be a little hard to keep all that in and then wear the wig. You have to tie it in a bun and then put a net over it to keep everything in place and so your real hair will not suddenly poke out of the wig.

That would be a little ugly especially if you are blonde and you are wearing a red wig. In any case, make sure that if you will be buying a new one, that the hair is authentic and feels real to the touch. They use real hair to make wigs by the way so that should not be hard to do.

But some of them are kind of expensive because of the quality. And the best place to get it when you are looking for a specific wig that would make you look like your favorite character is the internet. Particularly the anime groups or forums that you see there.

And you have to order it and then meet with them personally to get the order. If you plan on getting it from an official site then you can but they will be a bit more expensive. Granted, they will probably be a lot better because of the quality.

But then again, maybe they actually are not as good and they only raised the price because of how far the damn thing actually is. It would not be the first time we have seen that happen when we tried to order a custom hoodie that will make you look like Sans from Undertale. But we digress.

The point is, these things are expensive and unless you are rich or have saved enough to buy one for your leisure, then you will not be getting one anytime soon. Unless it is bum kind of wig that you can get from a party store then that does not count.

We are talking about the real wigs that cover the entirety of your hair and scalp. As long as you know how to wear that thing and to keep being consistent about it, maybe people will think it is your real hair. Like the Emilia Clarke who has to wear the Daenerys wig.