Hidden Havens For Travelers to Japan

There is much more to see and do in Japan if you take the time to explore outside the main cities such as Tokyo.

If you are thinking of visiting Japan, consider some of these more unusual locations in order to get a different perspective on this beautiful and intriguing country.

A trip to the Japanese countryside is just like stepping inside one of the serene landscape paintings that are so familiar in Japanese painting.

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The more rural parts of Japan, while seldom visited by most foreigners who travel to Japan, are well worth a visit.

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Honshu has some wonderful mountain scenery at the center of the island, particularly the range known as the Central Alps.

The Rocky Mountains on the peninsula of Tsunami are also beautiful, while the coasts offer some stunning beaches and varied landscapes.

Some of the most beautiful parts of the coastline are to be found at Obama Bay, or in the National Park at Wakasa Wan.

Travelers with an interest in the history of Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan will find many destinations where they can visit some intricately detailed and elegant shrines. Idzumo, for example, is one of the most important shrines for the Shinto religion, which is also called "home of the gods".

The shrine near Omiya, though small, is considered very significant, and it is set among some of the most beautiful Japanese countrysides, on the peninsula of Kyoto-Fu.