Crucial Landlord Tips for Pet Friendly Rentals

There are many landlords who do not allow tenants to bring pets to their homes. However, sometimes the best tenants are those who have pets. A good tenant with a good pet is a tremendous source of income and is not too much more threatening to your property than anyone else.

However, if you will allow someone to keep a pet on your property, there are certain steps you need to take to make it pet-friendly and ensure that all transactions run smoothly. You can also search online to get information about pet friendly rent London.

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Get a separate Pet Agreement with your Rental

Because of the added risk of property that is often associated with pets, you should ask the tenant to sign a separate pet agreement. This is usually accompanied by a pet deposit and an agreement of responsibility for any damage related to pets when emptying property.

Prohibition of Forbidden Dogs that Diffuse Your Insurance

Most insurance companies have policies that prohibit dogs that are labeled as dangerous. The following dogs are considered dangerous by most insurance companies: Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terrier, Chows, Rottweiler's, Dobermans, and mixed wolf races are usually prohibited.

Requires a License and Vaccination

Make sure that you ask the tenant to give their pet license and complete vaccination history before you allow them to move. This will avoid some insurance and liability issues, will convince you that pets are legal and free of diseases that can spread to humans, and their health, in general, is good.